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Once you have selected a customisable product from the product page you will be automatically redirected to the product page where you will be able to fully manage all aspects of your chosen product including fabric colours, logos and texts.

Take some time to familiarise yourself with the customisation page. Hover your mouse over the icons to reveal their actions.

There are two parts to the product designer. The multi-step section where you can choose to add patterns designs and gradients, and then below that - the product designer window where you will see a preview of your chosen product.


Using the multi-step section

At the top of the product page, underneath the product title you will see a box with tabs titled "Gradients, Designs and Patterns".

You can make a selection from each of these tabs and your selection will then load onto your chosen product in the product designer.

You can then use the product designer "Choose Colours" menu option to change the colour of your chosen gradient, design or pattern. (more on the choose colours menu option below).


Using the product designer

Along the top of the product designer you will see the following menu options:

  • CHOOSE COLOURS (select fabric and logo/text colours)
  • ADD A STOCK LOGO (choose from C2C’s range of stock logos)
  • UPLOAD IMAGE (if you have your own logo and/or text)
  • CUSTOM TEXT (also - how to add stroke/outline only text)


Choose Colours

Select the “Choose Colours” menu option to reveal a drop down displaying all the different fabric colours of the product. Click on the colour square to the left of the section name to reveal the C2C colour palette and select your colours. Please see image below:

You can go back and edit these colours at anytime, and after you have added any new elements like logos or custom text, they will appear here in the “Choose Colours” menu options and you will be able to edit their colours.

(PLEASE NOTE: there may be slight differences between the colours in this preview and your final product - all screens show colours slightly differently, please keep this in mind when ordering).



Use the “Add a Stock Logo” menu option to choose from C2C’s range of stock logos.

Select a logo and you will see it load onto the product designer.

Once the logo is loaded you can freely move it around, resize, rotate and position it on the garment wherever you like. Simply click on the logo and you will see a box appear around the logo with small icons in each corner:

  • Copy
  • Rotate
  • Resize
  • Delete

Click anywhere on the logo to drag it into position.


You can add multiple logos and position them on both views of the product (front and rear). Once you have added a logo, you can edit its colour either by clicking on the colour square that pops up when you click on the logo itself:



Or by going back to the “Choose Colours” menu option.



Upload Image

If you already have a logo or text file you wish to upload please use the “Upload image” option. The product designer will only accept .jpg and .png files for uploads.

Click anywhere on the image to drag it into place, and use the corner icons to adjust your image.


Custom Text

To add custom text to your garment select the "Custom Text" menu option. In the dropdown box enter your text and hit the "Add Text" button. Once the text is loaded you will be able to change its colour, reposition, resize, rotate or delete it. If you are unsure of how to do this please see previous section, Add a Stock Logo.

When you have added some custom text, you will also have access to the text editor. To access the text editor simply click on your custom text and the editor window will pop up. in this window you will have the option to edit what your text says, choose from a selection of fonts, add a stroke to your text and even add curve to your text if you wish.

To add stroke or outline only text

In the "Custom Text" menu dropdown text box select the stroke option. when you have selected your stroke colour, use the slider to adjust the size of your stoke. to achieve outline only, simply use the colour picker to make the main part of the text the same colour as the fabric.



Selecting Quantities & Sizes

When you have finished editing your product, you will be required to enter sizes and quantities using the Bulk Order Form underneath the product designer. If you need to add more then one size, select your first size and quantity, hit "Add", and then you will see a new size/quantity option appear underneath. Repeat until you have added all sizes and quantities and the click the "Add to cart" button.


Enjoy creating your own custom sportswear!

Check out our FAQs page if you need to.